About me

I guess you probably had some job in your life which you didn’t like or even hated. Well, I had it. Doing something every day only to get paid is huge energy drainer for yourself and even the ones around you.

A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me that if I can make a hunting knife for him. He was so satisfied with a knife that he recommended me to the whole hunting community in the area. Then, inquiries for straight-razors begun and so on and on. My business exploded. After some time, I started to make enough money to quit my job. As it turned out, that was one of the best decisions of my life and after that, I never looked back.

Today,  I have a successful blacksmithing business and while so thrilled and fulfilled because of that but deep inside, we knew that wasn’t enough.

Our mission

„Its a luxury to pursue what makes you happy but it is a moral obligation to pursue what you find meaningful“ – Jordan Peterson

Okay, we have a successful business for ourselves but now the question arises:

„How can I teach and encourage other people around the world to start blacksmithing as business or even just a hobby?“ 

That powerful question motivated me to start this website. Your blacksmithing journey will be provided with the best informations and advices possible.

At your service, Albert.